Explore this trendy Black Neon Jungle bag/purse! It's a fabulous blend of neon jungle print with black sides, and a practical vinyl bottom for extra durability.

Inside, the bright green lining makes finding your stuff a breeze, and colorful pockets add a playful touch. The handles are just right for a comfortable shoulder fit, and even the neon zipper pulls match the jungle vibe.

  • 100% cotton Jungle print by Kaufman 
  • 100% cotton Kaufman Kona Black
  • 100% cotton fabrics for the lining and pockets

This gorgeous bag/purse has a jungle print in neon with black sides. There is a bright green inside which makes it easy to find things in it. There is a vinyl bottom so it won't wear out before the rest of the purse.

Front of neon jungle purse/bag

The handles are just long enough to go on the shoulder tucked under your arm.

Close up of the front heart

When I looked again at this print I found an integrated heart. I took a close up of it so you could see it too.

Inside the bag with yellow pockets.

The inside of the Black neon Jungle bag/purse. The bright colors with pockets in a different color will make it easier to find your keys or what fell to the bottom of this bag.

Neon zipper pulls

Even the zipper pulls are neon in two colors that match the outside jungle.

The back side of the purse/bag

Elevate your style with this chic and functional accessory – a perfect statement piece for any fashion enthusiast!

Discover the charm of the Black Neon Jungle Bag and explore my latest creations by visiting my delightful ETSY store!

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