I did some small Runaway block quilts like the Log Cabin one on the left. I had people ask if I had a pattern for it. I didn't so this is the result of making that pattern. It got me thinking of what else could be done with these blocks.

Runaway blocks in different varieties 

This is my gallery of Runaway Blocks Quilts. There is panels and nine patch varieties. Along with the Log Cabin Sashed Quilt on the left.

Log Cabin Runaway block

Log Cabin Runaway block close up

I did a Runaway block small quilt similar to this Log Cabin one. The Log Cabin blocks are generally lighter on one side and the other one is dark.  You make strips of the fabrics making sure there is a center square that is the chimney for the fireplace.

Log Cabin without sashes

This style is sashed which break up the pattern of the blocks. This is how it would look if I had not put in the sashes.

The Escape

The results are that I made a total of five Runaway block small quilts. I used a panel to make this one but had fun with not cutting it all out but it cutting itself out. 

The Escape first row

The Escape close up

You can see the fun I had with this one looking at it close up. I had fun making the nose 3D. The eyes on all of these are buttons from my button box.

Flew the coop owl!

I wanted to do blocks instead of Log Cabin blocks. This was done two ways.  The owl is sitting on the binding of the quilt. The cut out is also the shape of the owl that I saw within the fabric.

Flew the coop owl close up

This is a close up of the nine patch runaway block small quilt. This owl I saw within the fabric and made it come to "life" this way. Using a different color way of the same fabric I made the feet and wings and overlay of the eyes on the owl.

Nine patch Runaway block quilt

Square Owl runaway block close up is just another way to see how to have fun with them. I used Angelina Fiber to make the spiders web coming loose as the owl flies away.

This block or square owl runaway block close up.

This nine patch is smaller but the same type of usage of the fabric. I encourage everyone to expand on how you see the common block.

Long Way Down Runaway Block

It's a long way down for this little panel that I thought the facial expression would say it all.

Close up of Long Way Down angle

Close up of Long Way Down front

I put knees on this little block for more detail. The wide open mouth help express it all.

These wonderful creations are available while supplies last at my ETSY Store. If you sew there is a pattern you can download  to make your own. 

If you love these and have tried the Runaway Block Quilt pattern please leave a comment below. I would love to hear about it.

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