These flower decorations were inspired by a wall art quilt created by cousin. She use a 3D flower decoration on her wall quilt that stood out to me. So I decided to create my own for wall decoration for my house. And this is what I've designed.

  • Robert Kaufman Venice Panel
  • Caltex a heavy heat bendable materials 
  • Other 100% cotton fabrics
  • Steam a Seam 2 or another heat bonding fiber of your choice

This is a picture of the 3D height

This is how I envision them on the wall

Each flower is aprox. 12" X 4.5". I used pony beads with sparkly chenille wire center. Each are unique in color and beaded centers.

The Fantasy Flower Collection

Fantasy Flower 1

Fantasy Flower 2

I started out with a Robert Kaufman Venice panel in these colors.  This is where I got my color palette. Then I started wanting more colors which brought out the yellow and orange. I will do more in the future but this is it for now. 

Fantasy Flower 3

Fantasy Flower 4

The sparkle chenille wire holds the beads on. This is part of the fun for me in the centers. Then adding more color in the centers on some and not on the others. Bringing out the creative parts to make them each different.

Fantasy Flower 5

Fantasy Flower 6

I used the wire in the centers and glue to hold each layer together.

Fantasy Flower 7

Fantasy Flower 8

Chenille wires are very much like old pipe cleaners but made with fun fibers in different colors. 

Fantasy Flower 9

I love how these came out. Now I am going to hang them up using wire and making some kind of vine to link them together. I post them when I am finished.

If you like these flower decorations, please leave a comment below. How would you use these in your home? I look forward to seeing your responses.

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