This nesting doll quilt was made for a dear friend of mine named Nina. She was born in Russia. I had a grandmother that born in Russia and Nina brings me back to my childhood remembering grandma Tonja. There is a lot of symbolism in it for our love for each other.

Front View

The most prevelent symbol is hearts. This is the universal symbol for love. Nina likes to send out pictures of swans and it reminds me of her every time I see swans or a picture of swans.

Before boarders

This is before I put on the boarders and how some of the pieces don't have Steam a Seam 2 on it so they show how there is a little bit of over lap showing the "folding of the fabric shawl" of the doll. 

This is also before the faces of the dolls are put on. I looked at many pictures of  nesting dolls and made my own with fabric marker for each one. The faces were put on after I drew them. They seemed more after they had their faces.

Nina loves this quilt and she lives where it gets really cold in the winter so this will keep her nice and warm.

If you have other ideas on how to make one of these I would love to here about it in the comments below.

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