If you are like me and my husband this is a great Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff recipe for you. We haven't been eating dairy for many years now. We have a functional doctor that recommended we stay off of it for years. We use coconut yogurt for the dairy substitute.


Cooking time 30 minutes

Prep time 15 minutes.

Beginning the Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff recipe

First, Gather all your ingredients and cooking pan.

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff ingrediants

This is what I decided I wanted in this batch of it

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff. unsweetend yogurt

A picture of the yogurt if you want to substitute like we do.

Since this is an unusual product I wanted a picture for you to see it.

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff. Green peas and cut leaf spinach

These are what we like. You can use whatever you want.

Riced Califlower

We are also grain free an use riced cauliflower instead of rice and many times pasta.

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff. Meat

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff Cooking

Starting by browning the beef and pork. Cook until browned on medium heat. 

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff. Beef in pan
Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff ingredients cooking in pan

After the meat has browned remove it to a plate or large bowl and slightly cook the vegetables. I previously cooked the onions so they will not take as long to do the whole thing. 

 Adding roasted garlic

I added a whole head of roasted garlic at this time. 

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff. finished and ready to serve

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff Finishing Touches

The final piece is to heat it through and dig in! This dish is both dairy and grain free for the people that love to have Stroganoff and did not have an alternative. Enjoy this one dish meal.

Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff served

Enjoy the easy and useful recipe on many more of my recipes.

If you made this Dairy Free Beef Stroganoff dish, I'd love to know how it turned out. Please leave it in the comments section below.

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